Meet the Band!


Dave: Drums

I started playing drums in the summer 1979.  All of my friends in the old neighborhood were out of school on summer break and decided we wanted to start a band.  Everyone picked an instrument and I ended up on drums, total luck of the draw but very happy with the outcome.  We learned our instruments and practiced together for about a year then we landed our first gig at Penny’s Bar in Leonardtown when I was 16.  The band was Illusion and we stayed together all the way through high school rocking Southern MD for about 3 years until we all went our separate ways after graduation.  I ended up joining the Navy and just jammed with guys here and there.  Nothing serious came along until 1988 when I, and 4 friends, got out of the Navy and started a band called “The Stoics”.  We rocked VA Beach and Norfolk for about 4 years, we parted ways in 1992.  Pretty crushed about the breakup, I didn’t play drums again until 2005.  I met Mike Burns shortly afterwards and he introduced me to his sister’s band, “Wildgood”, that just happened to need a drummer.  I had an awesome 3 years jamming with them until my job and school became too overwhelming and had to take another break from the thing that I enjoy the most.  Realizing what I was missing, I moved to a job with was less overtime and travel and it just so happened that “Too Many Mikes” was in the market for a drummer.  So here I am rocking Southern MD again, 33 years later.  Come out and catch a show and you’ll be telling your friends that “You Got Rocked by Too Many Mikes”!!! 


Mike: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals

I started listening to Rush, Kiss (yes I know), Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and many other bands around 1975. I started playing guitar by playing records and 8 tracks over and over again. Self taught, and extremely eager I was in my first Rock band in 8th grade (Condition Red). Then I was in different bands for a few years and we never played out (Thank,god) Then in my senior year of HS, I joined 2 other guys and we played a lot of Rush, Kiss, Ozzie, Van Halen, etc. We played in local Civic Centers, partys and other gigs. Then I joined the US Navy in 1983.Then for the next 7 years while in the Navy I didn’t play any guitar. But when Stateside I hit a lot of concerts, catching everyone from Cheap Trick, UFO, Bon Jovi, Poison, Def Lepperd, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Alanis Morrisette, Heart, Dream Theatre, etc… Fast forward 18 years later to 2001, I joined a band called Poor Boy Zeus as bass player for a year. Then our lead guitarist went on to bigger and better things so I was asked to take over as lead guitarist. We played all over St. Marys County and had a great time. In 2005 PBZ broke up. So in mid 2006, I answered an online ad and got the lead guitar slot for an unknown startup group. After our singerwent on a 4 month hiatus on the other side of the world we reunited in the fall of 2006 to work on songs. Now (Too Many Mikes) is ready to rock the crowds and just have fun. Hope to see you at our shows.



David: Bass Guitar

When you come out and experience a TMM event you will feel GROOVES and
SONIC BASS that will
ROCK YOU. Dave provides a solid rhythm foundation
and dynamic that you need to experience. He's a SOMD native that knows
what rock is about.



Chris: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals, Keys
I caught the music bug at age 7 when I 'Inherited' the family album collection. Barry

Manilow, Lawrence Welk, Bozo the clown , and countless others wonders helped me on

my way. I started playing guitar at 1.5 years old and had a great time playing in a few

bands in Elementary school , high school and college. By 1994 I thought I was better than

anyone out there and decided to put the axe away and pursue alternate lifestyles. My

pursuits eventually brought me to Southern Maryland in 2009. In late 2011 I picked the

guitar up and answered an ad for local musicians looking to jam/drink/and puke on

audience members. It's been a great experience French kissing anyone that even looks

at me. I've really been fortunate to meet so many awesome looking musicians since

where I come from everyone only has one eye on their forehead. So come on out and let

us take You on a musical journey guaranteed to Rock You're SWEET A$$ Off!!!


Joe: Vocals

I first started singing in High School. I didn’t pick up a mic again until I was in Japan when I was

in the Navy. Karaoke was big and I gave it a shot. I ended up winning a couple of contests singing

Led Zeppelin, so I started a couple of bands. Traveling in the navy is frequent and hard to keep a

band together. I eventually got out of the Navy and went back home to Colorado for a few years.

I came back to Southern Maryland in 2004 and joined a band called Red Rocket. The rest of the

crew were all Navy guys that I worked with. We had a great time, but eventually the guys had to

transfer somewhere else. I was not ready to quit playing, so I put an ad in on and

got some replies. I have to say that this group is all about the music and enjoying the happiness

that it gives to the crowd. When you come and see us, you will not forget the name

 'Too Many Mikes', a band dedicated and determined to make you ROCK!!!







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